11 May 2014

Tunisia Umrah 2014 Package


Legend of services

  • Visa application for the umrah
  • Return flight ticket for the umrah
  • Accomodation in Mekkah for the umrah
  • Accomodation in Medina for the umrah
  • Transportation services for the umrah
  • Support for the umrah
  • Ziyarat for the umrah
  • Pension for the umrah

What is included in the umrah / hajj 2013 package?

  • VISA - The Issuing of visa
  • TRANSPORT - Transportation for the group from Medinah to Mekka, back to Jeddah airport and for Ziyarat will be provided.
  • AIRTICKET - Return Air ticket included from Major European countries (Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Germany) is included
  • TRAINING - We will train you before your trip and during your trip for all the Do’s and Don’ts about your Umrah
  • SUPPORT - We support you through our offices in Europe and in Saudi Arabia
  • ACCOMMODATION IN MEKKA - Economy Hotels will be provided for you in Mekka 800-1000m from Haram .
  • ACCOMMODATION IN MEDINA - Economy hotels in Medina. The hotels are on about 450m from the Haram Sherif
  • ROOMS of 5 beds - 5 bed rooms. You can either book a separate family room or share a room with other pilgrims.
  • ZIYARAT (site seeing) - All the Ziyarat of Makkah and Medinah are also included.
  • MEET & ASSIST - Starting at the airport of departure, the group will meet our tour operators, who will be happy to assist further

What is not included in the umrah / hajj 2013 package?

  • Meals - Meals are not included in our packages
  • Shopping - shopping tours are not part of this package
  • Private tours - others than the Ziyarat mentioned above

What is the itinerary for this umrah / hajj?

  • DAY 01 - Meeting at the airport, flight to Saudi Arabia and finally to the hotel in Medina
  • DAY 02 - Free day. Visit to the masjid ennabawi and the Bakii cementry
  • DAY 03 - Site visits in Medina at 08:00 - drive to mountain Uhud - Qubaa mosque - masjid al Quiblatain
  • DAY 04 - Departure to Mecca at 12:30 - on arrival 30 minutes break at the hotel and then the performance of Umrah
  • DAY 05 - Free day. Visit to the masjid alharam in Mekka
  • DAY 06 - Site visits in Mekka at 08:00 - drive to Mina – Ghar hira – Muzdalifa – Jable Arafat
  • DAY 07 - DAY 10 - Free days.
  • DAY 11 - Meeting at the hotel to drive back to the airport of Jeddah. Flight to Tunisia
  • DAY 12 - DAY 13 Tunisia: Sightseeing
  • DAY 14 - Tunisia: Shopping day
  • Last Day - Meeting at the hotel to drive back to the airport

Airports of depature for umrah / hajj 2013

Country Airports
GERMANY Berlin - Bremen - Cologne - Dusseldorf - Frankfurt - Hamburg - Hannover - Munich - Nurnberg - Stuttgart
BELGIUM Brussels
FRANCE Lyon - Nice - Paris - Toulouse - Basel
SWITZERLAND Geneva - Zurich - Basel
UK Birmingham – London - Manchester

How does the umrah / hajj order process look like?

Order process

What is the schedule for this package?Duration: 14 days | Price: Price: 1290

Code Departure Return Availability Order
UCT44 20.12.2013 03.01.2014
UCT01-14 04.01.2014 18.01.2014
UCT02-14 11.01.2014 25.01.2014
UCT03-14 18.01.2014 01.02.2014
UCT04-14 25.01.2014 08.02.2014
UCT05-14 01.02.2014 15.02.2014
UCT06-14 08.02.2014 22.02.2014
UCT07-14 15.02.2014 29.02.2014
UCT08-14 22.02.2014 08.03.2014
UCT09-14 01.03.2014 15.03.2014
UCT10-14 08.03.2014 22.03.2014
UCT11-14 15.03.2014 29.03.2014
UCT12-14 22.03.2014 05.04.2014
UCT13-14 29.03.2014 12.04.2014
UCT14-14 05.04.2014 19.04.2014
UCT15-14 12.04.2014 26.04.2014
UCT16-14 19.04.2014 03.05.2014
UCT17-14 26.04.2014 10.05.2014
UCT18-14 03.05.2014 17.05.2014
UCT19-14 10.05.2014 24.05.2014
UCT20-14 17.05.2014 31.05.2014
UCT21-14 24.05.2014 07.06.2014
UCT22-14 31.05.2014 14.06.2014
UCT23-14 07.06.2014 21.06.2014
UCT24-14 14.06.2014 28.06.2014
UCT25-14 21.06.2014 05.07.2014
Request Offer
UCT26-14 28.06.2014 12.07.2014
Request Offer
UCT44-14 20.12.2014 03.01.2015
Request Offer

What do I need to apply for the umrah / hajj visa?

  • A passport that's valid for at least 7 months with 3 or 4 blank pages for each traveler. Non-European applicants must submit a clear photocopy for both side of the Permanent Residence card
  • 2 passport size photographs for each traveler (ladies preferably in Hijab) with a light background
  • A stamped Immunization Card showing vaccination against Meningitis (one dose of ACYW135 vaccine). this vaccnation is valid for 3 years
  • Pilgrims who have non-Muslim names must have a statement from any Islamic Center showing their conversion to Islam
  • Ladies and children need proper proof of relationship (marriage certificate for married couples, long birth certificates for children indicating names of both parents).

Why choose Gazelle tours for your umrah 2013?

Gazelle tours is a tour operator founded in the UK, France, Belgium, and Germany. Our Management team have over two decades of experience in different areas and they do benefit of more than 5 years experience in organizing Hajj & Umrah trips.

  • Gazelle tours is registered in Paris, Brussels, Paderborn and London
  • We partner only with companies delivering best class services
  • All our booked hotels in Mekka and Medina are well equipped and have air conditioning
  • All transport vehicles used for our guests are air conditioned
  • We do take care of our guests during the whole trip
  • You have always a contact person to address your remarks and suggestions
  • Quality and Service come at first
  • We guarantee the best prices on the market

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  1. Mohamed M says:

    Dear Brother would like to know if it’s same price going to Omra from Algeria , as going from Uk. If it’s different How much is it for a 2 wks Omra from Algiers ? on a double room ,me and my mother. Luxury Package.

  2. mgazelle says:

    Wa3alaikum Assalam,

    From Algeria would be with an extra fee of 300 EUR per person for the luxury package. If it is just like Tunis Umrah then the price is the same.

  3. HASSAN A.THABET says:

    We have family of two from TUNISIA would like to perform UMRAH in MARCH/APRIL 2014.Would like to know a Budget Package for two persons i.e. MOTHER & DAUGHTER.Appreciate your prompt response,

    HASSAN A.Thabet

  4. mgazelle says:

    Wa3alaikum Assalam,

    This is possible, however we will need to wait until the visa service is open in Tunisia. Your daughter has to have a mahram, otherwise she will not get any visa.